LPC500 Orbital tube grinding and polishing machine

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Grinding machine for straight and bent tubes.  Max tube diameter 203mm.

The Garboli LPC500 is the largest tube and pipe polisher for the stainless steel fabricator capable of processing straight and curved tubes.  

The heart of the LPC500 is a powerful rotating disc through which the tube or round bar is passed. Mounted onto this disc is a pair of abrasive belts which are powered by a separate motor, the belts can be adjusted to suit varying tube diameters.  When the abrasive belt motor starts the belts close in on the workpiece.  This simple construct allows for the tube to be moved in any direction and at any speed through the Garboli LPC500 machine.  

Options for the Garboli LPC500 machine:

– Variable speed control

– Fully manual feed.  Ideal for one off and complex shape sanding 

–  ADN Through feed. Powered feed rollers which can operate with tube from 10mm to 203mm in diameter. The ADN roller systems can be moved to the side for bent tube sanding and polishing

–  Multi pass feed options. Garboli use the Siemens control systems to allow for complex multi-pass processing if required

–  Fully automatic feed and tube capture systems for straight tubes

–  Varying tube thickness.  The tube polishing system on the LPC500 is self-centering allowing for the feeding of tube of varying diameter through the polishing head

–  Bespoke build.  Garboli can make many options from fully automatic feed in and loading tables to simple through feed roller options.  

–  Wet or dry processing options

–  Wave edge or straight edge abrasive belt construction to ensure the perfect finish every time

Popular applications for the LPC500:

–  Aerospace engine pipe manufacturing

–  Plastic tube preparation

–  Steel shaft dressing and sanding

–  bicycle frame sanding

–  Marine handrails & davits 

– Bollards & street furniture

Need to test your products?

We stock a Garboli LPC300 demonstration machine on site at our premises in North Yorkshire where we can test samples and optimise your finishing process.

Abrasive Belt Dimensions:  1500 x 90mm

Customer Tube Specification:
- Minimum bend radius for a 180 degree bend = 225mm

-  Minimum tube diameter = 10mm
-  Maximum tube diameter = 110mm

Note:  The minimum bend radius varies dependent on the overall angle of the bend

Motor Specifications:
-  Planetary Disc motor = 2.2Kw
- Abrasive Belt motor = 7.5Kw
-  Voltage = 400v, 50Hz

Belt speed:
-  Fixed speed = 22 m/s
- Variable speed = 14 - 30 m/s (optional extra)

Net weight = 455Kg
Dimensions = 115 x 120 x 145cm (l x w x h)

CE Certification on all Garboli tube polishing machines