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12 April, 2017

Cibo Finipower: The Variable Speed Grinder With Wheels

With it’s versatility, range of accessories and solid reliability the Finipower SMMS6 variable speed angle grinder is the machine of choice for grinding, finishing and polishing.  Stainless steel, non ferrous metal, it does everything. So why, how and when should you use the Finipower variable speed grinders?

Grinder BasicsCeramic Brush on Finipower SMMS6 Variable Speed Angle Grinder

Consider using a cutting tool.  When drilling different metals it is standard practice to change the drill speed to ensure effective use of the drill.  An abrasive is no different.  It is a cutting tool attached to a grinder.

The Finipower variable speed angle grinders allows you to control the speed.  Reducing the grinder speed will in turn reduce the heat of your workpiece, improve the life of your abrasive and give a better quality finish.  They are versatile machines which can be used for grinding, satin finishing and mirror polishing various materials with a range of attachments.

So What Can Attach to the Finipower?

The short answer is almost anything.  With a range of different fittings you can cut, grind, finish and polish with your Finipower.

Attachments Explained

There are three different options, all of which screw directly onto the Finipower:

  • Tapered spindle (Part no:  MH/T1) – ThisMH/T1 tapered thread mandrel includes polishing mops, some unitised wheels for  polishing, weld discolouration removal and finishing.  To prevent damage to the gear head we specify a maximum recommended width 25mm and a maximum recommended diameter 150mm.
  • Spindle extension attachment (PartMH/D2 mandrel numbers:  MH/D1, MH/D2 + MH/D3).  With an M14 spindle extension attachment any abrasive wheel or brush up to a maximum 50mm diameter can be fitted onto a parallel shaft including unitised wheels, cloth abrasive flap brushes and a range of other tools.
  • Brushes and wheels fitted directly M14 thread FMCMC/60/12050 ceramic abrasive combi brushonto the M14 thread.  Cibo have developed an extensive range of wheels and brushes manufactured to include an M14 fitting so they can be screwed directly onto the grinder.  Maximum available width 50mm.

Hints and Tips

1. Recommended operational speeds for your Finipower:

2. To prevent any shaft fixed onto the grinder from binding to the metal face of the grinder shaft we recommend that whenever possible you keep the disc backing flange on the machine when attaching any mandrels or other wheels.

n.b.  Appropriate PPE and other safety wear should be used at all times.

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