Mirror Polishing a Copper Table with the Finimaster

This week we were visited by a high quality manufacturer of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal furniture.  Their latest challenge was to mirror polish copper table tops for a very demanding customer.  So how did we got on…

Cibo Finimaster ready to mirror polish a copper table

The table tops were in pretty good condition with mostly fine scratches in the surface, except for one deep scratch which caught the finger nail when drawn across the surface.

Copper table before mirror polishing with the Cibo Finimaster using FMPR polishing wheels

Even so we decided to go directly to a polishing mop with our PV101 (green polishing soap).  Unfortunately we didn’t take photographs at every stage but our customer was very impressed with the speed of the finishing process.

Polishing Process:

Stage 1 –  We applied the PV/101 polishing soap onto the rotating face of a new FMPM/120110 polishing wheel which fitted directly onto the Cibo Finimaster Pro polishing machine (setting 4).  Within a few seconds the surface went black and we could quickly see the metal was brightening well.

Stage 2 –  Clean any excess polish off theMirror polished copper by Abrasive Finishing Systems surface with a lint free cloth and the Vienna Chalk (PV103).  The surface was clean and bright however one deeper scratch had not been fully removed so we applied some more polish to the wheel and concentrated on the damaged area to ensure the scratch was removed.

Stage 3 –  Using a fresh FMPM/120110 wheel we applied the pink polishing soap (PV102) to the wheel and repeated the polishing and cleaning processes.

Final Polish:

The results I am sure you will agree were impressive.  In a couple of minutes we had gone from dull, tarnished copper to a bright mirror finish and a very happy customer.

Technical Details:

PV/101 is a Cut & Colour compound with a high grease content which makes it particularly suitable for non-ferrous metals which can drag if a low grease compound is used.

PV/102 is a high gloss finish compound.  It is not quite as greasy as the PV/101 which makes it suitable for that bright final finish stage.

PV/103 Vienna Chalk is the best way to remove any remnant polishing compound after the polishing process.

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