Internal Tube Kit – Weld Removal & Mirror – 100mm Diameter

SKU: KIT/TUBE/MIR/4 Internal Tube Kit - 100mm : For Weld Removal : Mirror Polished Finish :

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The range of tube polishing kits allow you remove weld discolouration right through to removing a weld and applying a high quality mirror finish on stainless steel tubes and pipes.

The 100mm Internal Tube Kit for weld removal and applying a mirror polished finish contains:

2x 60 Grit Ceramic Flap Wheel – To remove initial weld
1x 80 Grit Ceramic Flap Wheel – Use if the weld is particularly light
2x 120 Grit Ceramic Flap Wheel – To refine 60 grit sanding lines
5x High Strength Abrasive Stars – Medium grade for 240 grit finish
5x High Strength Abrasive Stars – Very fine grade for 320 grit finish
2x Unitised Grade 5 Stars – For 0.3 Ra Finish
2x Felt Stars – For use with polishing compound to create a mirror polish
1x Polishing Compound

Also includes the correct mandrel (MH/S2) for the abrasive stars.



Follow the Satin kit process for weld removal being careful to ensure a consistent finish has been achieved. : The final stage to add is with the SA5 unitised stars which will put a consistent finish in the rage 0.25 - 0.29 Ra. :


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