Powerfiles/Finger File Machines

All our powerfile belt sander machines are designed for professional industrial use so you can be confident in buying your new file sander. The Beltit Powerfile machines are available in a range of options to suit your particular application. Choose from:

SH Range Powerfiles:  Variable speed control, widest range of inter-changeable arm options.  SH Beltit machines are designed for the professional stainless steel fabricator and for metal polishing. Power options: 110 volt, 230 volt, air driven.

BG Range Powerfiles: Fixed speed motor, a range of inter-changeable arm options. The BG range of finger-file machines are designed for general fabrication work.  Grinding complex profiles, shaping and finishing. Power options: 110 volt, 230 volt, air driven.

BF Range Tools:  Fixed speed motor, a choice of 3 different fixed sanding arm options. The BF range of belt file sanders are designed for the production environment where regular deburring, grinding & linishing tasks are repeated. Power options: 110 volt, 230 volt, air driven.

Need a longer arm?  Beltit  powerfiles machines can also fit longer arms to allow for greater access. Follow the link to buy from our full range of Powerfile Arms.

Powerfiles/Finger File Machines