Abrasive Spindle Mounted Flap Wheels

A complete range of abrasive spindle mounted flap wheels from the fast cutting 40 grit ceramics to Super Fine Unitised abrasives for weld colour removal and pre-polishing.  Flap wheels are available from 10mm up to 100mm in diameter:

  • Abrasive cloth flap wheels in a full range of grits with a choice of aluminium oxide or the new high performance ceramics. 
  • Go Ceramic -  For a fast cut, high aggression & a very long life.
  • Combination flap wheels with both tex / scotchbrite & abrasive cloth.  Soft satin and textured finishing on edges
  • Tex / scotchbrite type flap wheels for soft satin finishing on flat and curved surfaces
  • Unitised nonwoven wheels for fillet weld removal, deburring and fine finishing

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Abrasive Spindle Mounted Flap Wheels

Abrasive Spindle Mounted Flap Wheels FAQs

  • What is the maximum diameter abrasive flap wheel you can mount on a spindle?
    • Abrasive cloth, tex and combination wheels we supply up to 100mm diameter
    • Unitised abrasive wheels and the CSA stripping wheels are available up to 150mm in diameter
  • Why should I use Cibo Ceramic spindle flap wheels?

    The Cibo Ceramic spindle mounted flap wheels have radically changed what a flap wheel can do.  Customers who previously used a 40 grit wheel to remove a weld, and used lots of wheels in the process, now use the Cibo Ceramics in a P80 grit, and the wheels last longer and they get a better finish.

    Need we say more?

  • Which flap wheel should I use to satin finish aluminium parts?

    Assuming you mainly need to finish the flat or curved surfaces then we would recommed our Med Tex spindle mounted wheel which will remove most scratches to leave a lovely satin finish.  we normally recommend an 80mm diameter wheel for this application. 


    Follow the link on the SKU here to go directly to the product, this will open in a new window on your browser:  TS/M/80506

  • Which is the best flap wheel to remove heat marks off stainless steel pipes?

    We will recommend 2 different flap wheels, dependent on the finish you would like on the metal after using the spindle mounted wheel:

    For a bright (not full mirror) polished finish we would recommend the SA grade 5 unitised wheels which will remove all the discolouration and also any light scratches in the surface of the metal to leave a bright high reflective finish.  

    SKU options (note - links will open in a new window): SAUS/5/75256 


    For a fine satin finish to blend the metal then our new FA grade 3 or 4 wheels will all leave a lovely soft satin finish.

    SKU options (note -  links on the part numbers will open a new window): FAUS/4/80256 FAUS/3/80506 

  • How do I remove rust off a steel panel using a drill?

    Many of our products will remove rust but if you need to remove rust without the risk of damaging the parent metal further then the CSA black stripping wheels are a great option.  They won't clog up and neither will they eat into the parent metal. 

    The open web structure allows for the rust to be removed whilst the soft action prevents the wheel from dig into the clean parent metal.  


    If you need to remove paint or rust off aluminium then you need to proceed with more caution as the CSA wheels can damage the metal surface.  In this situation we would recommend an FAUS unitised wheel such as:  FAUS/4/80256