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Cibo Abrasives

Cibo Abrasives know everything about grinding, sanding and polishing placing them in the best position to design and manufacture the highest quality abrasive solutions. Here at AFS, we partnered with Cibo in 2002 to bring their abrasive products and solutions to the UK metal finishing industry.


Cibo are a family business and their name refers to the origin of the company. CIRE & BOENWAS (wax & floor polish).

Founded in 1948 when ‘grandmother Gilles’ started a one-woman company in self-shining floor polishing products. Floor polish soon developed into everything related to the sanding of wood. Cibo was then taken over in 1978 by the youngest son, Dominique Gilles, when the company’s focus was shifted towards the surface treatment of metals. Great success in the metal industry, and in 2017 Bram and Sophie Gilles took over the reins of the company.


Cibo manufacture a complete range of abrasive tools to suit any need. From their unitised range, RCD flap discs, inoxiclean, time saving kits, and many more there is a lot to be discovered. You can explore the full Cibo catalogue here on this website. Just use the drop downs above, the search button, or click on one of the images bellow to be taken straight to the category pages:

Abrasive Machines


Not every finishing problem is the same. There can be so much variation in machinery, materials etc that you may be struggling to find the correct abrasive solution. Cibo are set up so they can make customisable products to fit your unique application. If you have a unique problem, then get in touch and we will help with Cibo to create the best product for you.


We know that abrasives can get a little confusing if you don’t know what you need. That’s why at Abrasive Finishing Systems we have created the perfect tool to find the right Cibo Abrasives product for you. Try our ‘Find a Solution’ feature: here. This multiple choice quiz will narrow down what you need by asking you simple questions, for example, “what material are you working on?”.

Still unsure? Drop us an email or give us a call. We are in the best position to give you application advice on how to achieve your desired finish.

Email: Phone: 01677 470795

Cibo’s “HOW TO” online videos

Continue to sharpen your skills from your own home and keep on grinding, sanding and polishing. On Cibo’s YouTube channel you’ll find +50 specific ‘how to’ videos. Explore for yourself their full video catalogue here.

Learn more about Cibo in their own words here.

Cibo Abrasives 'how to' YouTube

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