Abrasive Flap Discs

For Grinding Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminium...

Steel flats & curves:  FHCC Ceramic discs in P40 / P60 grit

Steel fillet welds:  FOV P40 grit Ceramic have a flexible edge to get right into the corner.

Stainless Steel: FHCC or FTC Ceramic or Zirconia flap discs

Aluminum:  FTC P60 Cibo Ceramics will give a fast cut rate 

For Finishing Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminium...

Steel flats & curves:  FSC Zirconia flap discs in P80 / P120 grit

Steel fillet welds:  Cibo unitised discs 

Stainless Steel: CIBO RCD Discs or Cibo Unitised discs

Aluminum:  FSC zirconia P120 grit discs.  Or for a finer finish... the SAG Unitised discs.

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Abrasive Flap Discs

Abrasive Flap Discs FAQs