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04 April, 2016

AFS Launch the New Garboli MIRROR Tube Polishing Machines

Mach 2016 will see the launch of the Garboli MIRROR tube polishing machines.

It has always been possible to mirror polish continuous lengths of straight metal tube through a centreless tube polishing processes but this is no use for bent or curved tubes such as bull bars, hand rails or architectural furniture such as door handles.  All of these components can be sanded to a very fine abrasive finish use the Garboli LPC machines but an abrasive belt cannot do the final mirror polish finishing.

Welcome to the new Garboli MIRROR.  The Garboli MIRROR has been developed using the same planetary Garboli abrasive belt processpolishing process developed by Garboli over the past 30 years and used in the LPC160 and LPC300 machines.  Metal polish is applied to the workpiece with a pair of orbitally rotating and separately driven non-abrasive belts which ensures the MIRROR machine to give a consistent finish 360 degree finish around circumference of the tube in one action.

Two new polishing feed systems have been developed to provide a consistent feed of either solid bar or liquid polishing compound to the non-abrasive belt polishing head.  For automatic systems Garboli recommend the use the automatic liquid feed system which can be supplied with a container which has the capacity to hold 50Kg of polish.

For more details on the Garboli MIRROR machines following the links on the right to the relevant product pages or why not come and visit AFS at Mach 2016.  You can find us in Hall 4 on stand 4911.

Garboli LPC300 MIRROR

The Garboli LPC300 MIRROR with auto feed liquid polish system

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