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11 April, 2015

Balls. Points. Flames & Trees: AFS Launches a new Range of Carbide Burrs

After months of testing AFS are pleased to introduce our new range of Carbide Burrs designed for the UK market.

Whatever you wish to say about carbide burrs, one thing that is certainly true is that you will not change their shape.  So if you need to cut a particular profile then a burr that is nearly right is ‘not right at all’.  That is why we have invested in a whole new range of carbide burrs.  With more than 80 different sizes, shapes and cut configurations we are sure to have the right burr for your needs.

But neither do we want to make it over complicated, after all, all you need to know is that it will cut your metal.  So our burrs come in two distinct cut forms:

Diamond Cut Burrs (tooth pattern 6). for Hard metals, aerospace alloys and composite materials

Diamond Cut Burrs (toothing pattern 6):  For carbon steels, cast iron, tool and stainless steel as well as titanium and cobalt alloys, composite materials and high density fibreglass.

Open Cut Burrs (toothing pattern 3):  For aluminium, copper brass, bronze and other soft non-ferrous metals, toughened plastics and low density fibreglass.

Launch Promotions

Having tested our new range all around the UK before launching them we are really excited that not only do we have a really great product but they are very competitively priced too.

Check out our full range in the Carbide Burrs section on our website and the special promotions in the link below.

For the launch of our new carbide burr range we will be having a whole host of promotions on our website.  Please check out the promotions page on our site for more details.

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