Stainless Steel Finishing: Satin and Mirror Kits

When finishing stainless steel most fabricators are either aiming for a satin or mirror finish. Here you will find advice over which finish to choose, then what you will need to achieve this on your own.

What is a Satin Finish?

Stainless Steel Finishing Satin

A satin finish, also known as a matte finish, is not reflective or shiny. It does however have a great texture and overall appearance. Often described as more muted. Satin finish is more forgiving when it comes to smudges and dirt, basically saving you time constantly wiping and polishing.

Perfect for any application where appearance is a priority, but a more affordable option compared to a mirror finish on stainless steel.

What is a Mirror Finish?

Stainless Steel Finishing Mirror

A mirror finish has been processed more than satin. Through the stages of pre-grinding, then buffing you can achieve a highly reflective surface. You are left with a smooth surface that dust and grime does not stick too.

Mirror finishing is ideal for high saltwater areas of places of high humidity as the mirror finish has a higher resistance to the salt particles in the air. Preventing corrosion for longer. It is also commonly found in aesthetic pieces, such as architecture, tapes and furniture.

How to Finish Stainless Steel on my own

For any challenge in the field of abrasives, Cibo offers a solution. With a huge stock of knowledge in abrasive materials and techniques, Cibo have made this knowledge available to you with their ‘Time Saving Kits’.

Cibo’s team of specialists have created six solutions for you, specifically for stainless steel finishing. With these kits you can familiarise yourself with the exceptional features and capabilities of our products. These kits will also help you quickly and easily achieve a professional result.

In a single kit you will find everything you need to give your stainless steel workpiece a professional finish. Inside the box you will find a sophisticated range of innovative abrasive products specifically made for each specific application.

On the back of the wrapper is a poster-sized step-by-step guide to help you achieve your goals. In addition, each kit contains a unique link where you can find detailed instructions packed with useful tips.

Time Saving Kits for Stainless Steel

How to Satin Finish

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How to Mirror Finish

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