Cibo Finimaster Pro 230v Drum Sander Set 2

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SKU: FMCI/230V/PRS2 Cibo Finimaster Pro 230v Drum Sander Kit: set 2.  Supplied in a strong case with a range of products

The 230 volt Cibo Finimaster Pro drum sander was developed to take satin polishing and sheet metal fabrication graining to the next level.  

   –  With the larger diameter wheels the Finimaster Pro will ensure ‘chatter free’ graining, making it much easier to achieve that high quality satin finish.  

   –  All the wheels fit directly onto the M14 thread of the machine making wheel changes quicker but also allow better access into edges.  

   –  The cast aluminium handle gives great control and visibility when working on both flat and curved surfaces

   –  Reduce your ongoing abrasive consumable cost with the larger wheels and sleeves.

               Better Access + Larger Wheels + Longer Life + Higher Quality Finish = Finimaster Pro

FMCI 230v Finimaster Pro Machine (x1)
FMTM Tex Wheel (x1)

FMCM Combi Wheel (x1)
FMSBM Drive Wheel For Belts (x1)
FMNUM Inflatable Wheel (x1)
Surface Conditioning Belts (Coarse, Medium & Very Fine) (x4)
Ceramic Abrasive Belts (40, 80 & 120 Grit) (x3)
Trizact A300 Abrasive Belts (x2)
FF87 Ceramic Abrasive Belts (80 & 120 Grit) (x2)
Open Belts (x5)

Inoxiclean Stainless Steel Cleaner (x1 can)
FORU Rubber Sanding Block (x1)
MHIT Stainless Steel Inoxitape (x1m)

For grain finishing use the Finimaster Pro with the abrasive sleeves on the inflatable tyre followed by a wide range of tex and combination wheels to achieve the perfect finish.  For tube finishing, switch to the drive roller with the grip fixing belts to allow superior satin finishing into the tightest of locations.  

Use with…
– The FMSB/M drive wheels for satin finishing and mirror polishing round rubes
– Abrasive belts, from P36 up to non-abrasive scm belts for mirror polishing on the large footprint inflatable tyre
– Tex / combi flap brushes for satin finishing
– Sisal / cotton / flannel polishing wheels for high quality mirror polishing

Finimaster Pro: The ideal satin polishing machine for sheet, round tube, square tube and box section finishing. Finimaster Pro operates with 5″ diameter wheels to give high quality chatter mark free surface finishing ever time


Finimaster Pro

Kit Machine

Machine and Parts

Power supply

230 volt

Abrasive sleeves fit onto the Cibo Finimaster Pro with the FMNU//M 120mm diameter inflatable wheel (included with Set 2)

   -   Abrasive belt / sleeve dimensions 385 x 100mm    -   Surface Conditioning belt / sleeve dimensions 395 x 100mm  
Vibration Data:
We can only give base test data for any of our machines as the data will vary dependent upon the grade and density of the wheels or belts used on the machine and also upon the speed at which the machine is operated.
Finimaster Keyway - 4.86 m/s2