FX87GR Grip Discs to Replace 777GR Discs

FX87Gr discs to replace 777gr grip discs
FX87Gr discs to replace 777gr grip discs

After extensive testing, Abrasive Finishing Systems will be introducing the new FX87GR ceramic grip discs to replace the 777GR discs for all Time Saving Kit systems.

Why?  With Almost a 50% Reduction in Cost and the Same Great Lifetime We Just Had To Do It.

FX87GR Grip Disc
FX87GR Ceramic Grip Disc

Since Cibo introduced the 777GR ceramic grip discs, in the Time Saving Kit systems for removing tig welds, the products have become very popular with precision stainless steel fabricators for their ability to remove welds effectively without undercutting.  Now we have found a new product which works just as effectively, but allows us to pass on a significant price reduction to our customers.  Effective April 2017 we will begin to replace stocks of the 777GR grip discs and pass on the additional lower price benefit directly to our customers thanks to the FX87GR ceramic discs.

Is there a Performance Difference?

No.  Having successfully completed the inital stock removal and surface finish testing trials at Cibo Abrasives this was followed up by a series of blind test trials.  All performance testing has shown that there is very little difference between the products.  Occasionally the FX87GR ceramics were reported as being a little more aggressive than the 777GR and also in one instance one person reported that at very light pressure the 777GR may last a little longer (<10% difference) but mostly there was no perceived difference.

So How Big a Reduction Will There Be?

Grit size    Diameter     777GR      FX87GR         Reduction

P100          75mm           £1.46         £0.92               – 37%

P80            115mm         £2.68         £1.47                 45.1%

P60            125mm         £3.73         £1.66               55.5% 

Do They Look the Same?

The FX87GR has a brighter red colour than the 777GR and a new top coating of grinding aids is visible but otherwise no.  They are both red.

As soon as stocks run out we will automatically supply the new FX87GR discs for all orders of 777GR.

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