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15 August, 2018

New & Improved Cibo Machines!

Cibo hand held machinesCibo Abrasives – Constantly striving for better.  Better products.  Better performance.  Better results.

And yet again we are pleased to present the new and improved Cibo Finitools Range. Including the Finipower variable speed angle grindersFinitube, the best hand held tube polishing machine on the bends. Finiteasy, improving your weld grinding performance and Finimaster, the leading satin polishing machine on the market.

So What’s New?

  1. Improved motor system
  2. Increased power with the all new 1700-Watt motor
  3. Increased reliability with the all new planetary gearing

Improved Motors

The new Cibo Finitool motor unit means that the new machines are lighter, more powerful, more reliable and with a 250 gramme weight reduction the new SMFP Variable Speed Grinder is even more comfortable to work with.  A 42% increase in power (motor power increased from 1200 watt to 1700 watt) on the Cibo Finipower guarantees maximum productivity, all day, every day.

Wider Speed Range & Control

The new variable speed grinders also give you greater control over your workpiece with a greater range of speed. The previous machine could run between 900 – 2,800 rpm however the new and improved machine allows you to work anywhere between 700 and 3,000 rpm which is great if some faster, aggressive stock removal is required but also offers more control at the lower end of the range.

Take a look at the full range of new features below:

Cibo Abrasives New Finitools Provide Increased Performance and Results When Polishing, Satinising and Finishing Stainless Steel

Changes to the FinitEasy, Finitube and Finimaster Kits

FinitEasy Fillet Weld Grinder

The current FinitEasy sets (SMFEF/A and SMFEF/B) include the SA2 and SA3 convolute wheels. These will be replaced by the new FA range of discs in grades 3 and 5 (FA/3/T32 & FA/5/T32) and will include flanges to easily the wider FA wheels on your FinitEasy machine.

The soft action of the FA unitised discs provide great control on the workpiece, excellent for weld colour removal and applying a fine, structured satin finish to the workpiece.

The SA/7/T31 & MA/8/T31 (both 6mm thick) will also be replaced by the new, patented GA Combi Discs (part no. GA/7/T31 & GA/8/T31) which allow you to remove a weld with the aggressive centre disc and then blend and clean up the work surface with the fine finishing outer edges.

The 3mm thick versions of the SA and MA disc (SA/7/T30 & SA/8/T30) continue to be included to ensure that you can still finish the tightest fillet welds.

Finally, the aggressive TA/9/T30 disc will be replaced with an even more aggressive disc, the TA/10/T30. The TA/10 disc makes it possible to remove thick TIG welds and also MIG fillet welds.

Finitube Tube Sander

The JF4Top aluminium oxide belts will be replaced with our new FF87 material.

The high performance ceramic belts are a flexible, waterproof belt, ideal when high cut rate and long belt life is required. FF87 belts work well on stainless steel, steel, aluminium and aerospace alloys when scratch removal, and pre-finishing applications are required before surface conditioning belts.

Part Number Changes:

JF4T/120/675×40 → FF87/120/675×40

JF4T/240/675×40 → FF87/240/675×40

JF4T/320/675×40 → FF87/320/675×40

n.b. the micro-mesh abrasive belts continue to be available but will no longer be supplied in the Finitube Kits.

Finimaster Satin Polishing

New improved performance belts added to the Finimaster machine kits.

The JF4T belts will be replaced with the FF87 ceramic belts in the Finimaster Kit.

The FX87 high aggression ceramic belts will replace the TZ59 zirconia sleeves. The ceramic belts provide an increased belt life than compared to the zirconia equivalent and allow you to work harder for longer as you can remove more stock from your workpiece without putting too much heat into your metal.

Once you have completed the initial stock removal step with the FX87 belts, the newly added FF87 belts provide more flexibility and are great for improving and prepping the surface finish before you use the surface conditioning belts.

Part Number Changes:

JF4T/80/385×100 → FF87/80/385×100

JF4T/120/385×100 → FF87/120/385×100

TZ59/40/385×100 → FX87/40/385×100

TZ59/80/385×100 → FX87/80/385×100

TZ59/120/385×100 → FX87/120/385×100

Please click the following links to purchase and see the full kit contents: Finiteasy, Finitube, Finimaster.

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