Beltit/Dynafile Powerfile Belts - 19mm wide

19mm Wide 457mm Long Abrasive Powerfile Belts

Coarse grit belts are much more commonly used with a 19 x 457mm belt arm as they are often used for flat a weld and re-creating a satin finish.  

Removing a tig weld to a satin finish:  FX87 80 grit would be our recommended start point followed by the SCM medium belt.

If you need to remove a heavier weld then start with the P40 or P60 grit but then it may be helpful to use the P80 as an intermediate sanding belt to remove the deeper scratch marks.  

Suitable for Beltit and Dynafile 2 variable speed belt files.

Beltit/Dynafile Powerfile Belts - 19mm wide